Wash Bundle _ The shower, bath and moisturiser set
Wash Bundle _ The shower, bath and moisturiser set

Wash Bundle
The shower, bath and moisturiser set

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Shower, bath, moisturise.

Get ready to feel fresh and pampered with this wash bundle, containing our favourite everyday bathroom skincare essentials.

Start your day with Lather Up, this endlessly refreshing body wash with a stimulating blend of ylang ylang and mandarin scent. This body wash helps to gently moisturise your skin which is great for sensitive skin, leaving your skin soft, supple and cleansed.

For an ultra-indulgent relaxing bath, pour some Switch Off into your bath. This 98% naturally derived foaming, moisturising, alcohol-free and vegan bath soak is gentle on dry and sensitive skin. Our blend of jasmine, ylang ylang, heliotrope and Sicilian lavender will have you switching off from the day in an instant.

Helping to keep your skin soft and supple is Smooth Operator, a non-greasy and endlessly nourishing body cream. With 97% naturally derived ingredients, it makes this cream perfect for the most sensitive of skin, those prone to eczema and those that just want to glow. Our blend of mandarin, ylang ylang and amber is a real treat for your senses.

100% vegan, Made in the UK, Cruelty free and Naturally derived.

Included in this set

This wash bundle set includes full-size versions of the following...

LATHER UP Body cleanser, 500ml

SWITCH OFF Relaxing bath soak, 500ml

SMOOTH OPERATOR Nourishing body cream, 200ml

♻️ Bottles and pumps, widely recycled. 

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