Frankincense is at the heart of our fragrance. In more ways than one. It’s the heart note of our unique sleep fragrance, balanced with top notes of lavender and lemongrass with chamomile and rose geranium through the middle. It was also Julia’s mums favourite fragrance, and we all know how much fragrance evokes memories. It’s got a strong heritage of being ritualistic too. So it was a no-brainer for us when it came to creating a fragrance to help with night-time routines.

It’s sensory, emotive and full of character. And our beautifully natural fragrances can help transport you to a place of peace, serenity and calm.

Not tested on animals

We never have and never will test our products on animals – apart from our own little animals (children) at home of course.

We don’t compromise when it comes to ingredients. Every ingredient we choose has earned its right to be there. They’re natural too, of course. And we don’t just put an ingredient in for the sake of being able to write a fancy name on the bottle. We use ratios of each ingredient that are of value and benefit to you and your family.

But choosing the best ingredient is only the starting point. They’ve got to be put together in the right way. Think of it as if you were cooking your favourite Sunday roast. Each ingredient has its own specific temperature to be cooked at and time to be cooked for. Then it’s all about the combo on the plate. There’s no Yorkshire pudding without gravy. There’s care in the process. There’s ritual to it. And it’s made with love. There’s also a little bit of tradition thrown in. Much like our decision to use Julia’s mum’s favourite frankincense as the heart of our fragrance across the range.

Our product chemists are actually ex-head chefs that have retrained as chemists. They know exactly how to ensure our natural ingredients are nurtured in the right way to create products that are highly effective and beautiful. The Michelin tasting menu of the skincare world.

That’s why our products look good, smell good and feel good - because inside, they’re full of good ingredients.

Made in GB

We strongly believe in supporting local economy and business as well as being a sustainable and responsible business ourselves. So, we’re proud to produce all of our products here in the UK, from an allotment in Tooting to our fragrance genius in Devon. Keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible.


We pack as many natural ingredients into our products as we can. But just like baking a cake, it’s all about the way it’s made. We harness what nature has given us, and put it together in the right way to ensure the product is efficient at what it does.


The majority of our products are 100% vegan and any products that aren’t are simply because the non-vegan ingredient offers a significant performance benefit to make the product the highest quality possible. Lanolin for example offers far superior results than any other ingredient we’ve found as a lip balm. For us, it’s about efficacy. But don’t worry, we’ll always make sure you can easily tell if one of our products is vegan or not.