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We’re sisters-in-law, best friends, business partners. And we’re here to help you and your family get your best night’s sleep.

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Our products feel good, smell good and look good, because inside they’re full of good ingredients that have earned their right to be there. Ethically sourced and the highest quality. Just doing what comes naturally.

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‘My son was having night terrors and someone suggested pillow spray well I haven't looked back it's amazing not one night terror since’

Michelle, Worthing

‘Love this spray as it helps my little girl relax quicker. Since having this spray she wakes up a lot less during the night. Meaning happy mummy and daddy.’

Michael, Kent

‘Thank you so so much for giving my boy his sleep and me my evenings back.’

Laura, Berkshire

'I’ve struggled to get to sleep for years. Decided to try something new so bought this.Fantastic product and really does work’

Jane, Shropshire

'The pillow spray kept me totally relaxed and I slept right through the night which is a luxury I hadn't had in a long time!'

Barbie, St Albans

'One spray is all it took for me to nod off. This is brilliant stuff.'

Lesley, Liverpool