The menopause edit, Cool and Calm Gift Set.
The menopause edit, Cool and Calm gift set. Products to help with menopause symptoms.
Holding calming sleep spray to help relax and unwind during menopause.
COOL & CALM _ The menopause edit
COOL & CALM _ The menopause edit

The menopause edit

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Stay cool, stay calm, stay hydrated.

If your menopause symptoms are affecting both your body and sleep patterns, this is the menopause edit you need.

Keeping your body and mind cool, hydrated and well-rested can be challenging, but look no further as this edit has your mid-life body and soul workout covered.

This menopause edit includes the following...

Wonder Worker, Multi-tasking balm - Hormone imbalance can dehydrate your skin so this intensive and hard-working moisturising balm repairs and protects. Think hands, feet, lips, heels and dry patches... wherever it is needed. 

Spritzy Toes, Revitalising leg & foot spray - Feeling hot? A quick spritz of this instantly cools, refreshes and invigorates the skin, helping alleviate water retention and refresh tired legs, ankles and feet.

All Night Long, Calming sleep spray - Disrupted sleep is a key menopause symptom - this pillow mist of your dreams is a great tool to help you relax and transport you to a place of peace, serenity and calm.

Made in the UK, Cruelty free, Naturally derived

Included in this set

This menopause skincare edit contains mini versions of our most popular skincare products, perfect to help ease symptoms of menopause.

This menopause skincare edit includes the following...

ALL NIGHT LONG Calming sleep spray, 40ml

SPRITZY TOES Revitalising leg & foot spray, 40ml

WONDER WORKER Multi-tasking balm, 25ml

♻️ Cardboard box, plastic bottles and lids, widely recycled. Tube, check locally.

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