Maternity gift set including anti-aging hand cream, stretch mark oil, bust firming gel, cooling leg serum and a reusable travel bag.
Maternity body care gift set inside a reusable bag made from recycled plastic bottles.
Stretch mark oil being pumped into hand, ready to apply to stretch marks to soften.
Pumping age-defying hand cream onto the back of a hand for moisturisation.
Bust firming gel being pumped into hand.
Cooling leg serum being pumped onto legs before rubbing into skin.

Maternity luxe gift set

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We hear you. Your body is crying out for some TLC right now – the stretching, itching, dry skin and water retention, we know this only too well (5 children between us you see…). We’re here for you – our body care products and incredible ingredients work hard to deliver performance results for all life stages. And this is no more important than when you’re pregnant.

Your body is going through so many changes and you need products you can rely on. Our READY TO POP maternity gift set is the ultimate pregnancy gift with everything you need to keep your skin toned, hydrated, nourished and conditioned.

This maternity gift set has a value of £113!

100% vegan, Made in the UK, Cruelty free, Naturally derived

Included in this set

This maternity luxe gift set includes the following...

SMOOTH MOVES Stretch mark oil, 150ml

LOVELY JUBBLY Bust firming gel, 50ml

LEGS ELEVEN Cooling leg serum, 100ml

HANDS UP Age-defying hand cream, 50ml

Our signature blue travel bag, made from 2.5 recycled plastic bottles

    Wellness your way.

    Our products are all about YOU and what YOU need. Whether it’s a slow Sunday or a manic Monday, our products work hard to deliver the best results for you, whether you have 3 minutes or 30 minutes. Because you are the perfect investment.