BETTER TOGETHER _ Hand and lip duo
Woman applying hand cream to the back of her hand.
Woman squeezing out a nourishing lip balm from the tube before applying to lips.
Blue bag with blush coloured squiggle and illustration. Bag made from 2.5 recycled plastic bottles.

Hand and lip duo

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Say hello to our two skincare saviours in this hand cream and lip balm gift set. These two beauties will be there for you when you need them most. Keep them in your bag or your desk drawer so you’re never far apart. Keeping your lips nourished and your hands hydrated. It’s the small things in life…

Here together, just for you.

This gift set is worth £35!

Made in the UK, Cruelty free and Naturally derived.

Included in this set

This gift set includes the following full-size skincare products:

HANDS UP Age-defying hand cream, 50ml

LIP SERVICE Nourishing lip balm, 15ml

    Wellness your way.

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