Body care and Wellness Mother's Day Gifts

Body care and Wellness Mother's Day Gifts

Celebrate that incredible woman this Mother's day with some of our best body care and wellness gifts. Great ideas for all mums - new ones, tired ones and ones that just need to be shown the love.

From indulgent bath oil to soothing sleep sprays, you'll find the perfect way to show how much you appreciate her.

Think nourish, pamper and empower - she deserves it all. 

For the new mum

Welcoming a little one into the world is well just incredible, an honour and an achievement, however it can also leave new mums feeling drained and overwhelmed. These gifts are all about rest and rejuvenation. So sit back and rest and relax with these top new mum gifts.

Mother's Day gifts for a new mum

Shop Hey Mama, Ready To Pop.

For the on-the-go mum

She does it all, she multi-tasks, she seems to have a handle on everything - she's a true 'Wonder Worker' (note where we got the name.) But she deserves to be pampered, take time out, and relax - so for her it's all about our Big Night In kit - the clue is in the name.

Gift ideas for the on-the-go mum

Shop Big Night In, Better Together.

Body care favourites mum will love

If she hasn't already got these two favourites then she will thank you for them. Our Get Drenched Hydrating Face & Body mist - does exactly what it says on the tin and our Legs Eleven cooling leg serum is a lifesaver if she is on her feet all day.

Mother's day body care gifts she will love

Shop Get Drenched, Legs Eleven.

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