Pillow Sprays for Children

Sleep like a baby.

Anxiety, waking up regularly, night terrors, mind-racing, scared, monsters under the bed… sound familiar?

Our range of Pillow Sprays for babies and children are all about breaking the negative mental cycle associated with bedtime to help everyone get a better night’s sleep.

For babies

Our best-selling Very Hungry Caterpillar Pillow Spray has been formulated just for babies. With its soothing jasmine and lavender fragrance it’s all about helping your little one associate our heavenly fragrance with bedtime. Spray onto their bedding before bedtime to help them sleep. It’s also paediatrician and dermatologist approved.

Matilda's Pillow Spray

Want to be magical like Matilda? You’ll need a good night’s sleep. Our Matilda Pillow Spray for children is fragranced with sweet orange and lavender to help soothe and calm your children before bed. A top tip - we recommend letting your child be in control of their own routine, letting them spray their own sleep spray will be a huge step towards helping reduce the anxiety around bedtime. 

The BFG's Pillow Spray

Spray happy dreams onto their pillow, just like The BFG himself. Fragranced with eucalyptus and calming lavender it’s all about helping creative a positive environment at bedtime. Let their imagination run wild so they can have a night of happy dreams ahead of them. Naturally derived and vegan too. 

The Enormous Crocodile's Pillow Spray

Need to get rid of monsters under the bed? This pillow spray is the one. Scented with mandarin and calming lavender this will help soothe your little one before bed (as well as feeling reassured there’s no monsters under the bed…). It’s suitable from newborn and is paediatrician and dermatologist approved.

Don't just take our word for it.

We bought this spray as my 4 year old daughter was waking 3/4 a time & waking her brother up. I was exhausted!!!
We’ve used this for 2 nights so far and both night she’s woken once for a wee and straight back to bed again.

We love our ‘magic’ spray.


This spray is magic!! Being a single mum is tough and even tougher when you don’t get any sleep. Been using this spray for about a week now and my 9 week old has been sleeping from midnight until 8am. What a result and I will definitely be buying more!