Sleep A-Zzz

A good night's sleep is as easy as A-Zzz

Taking inspiration from our own wonderfully complicated lives, we make skincare and wellness products full of real ingredients – to solve real problems, for real people. We want families of all shapes and sizes to feel good in their own skin.

We started on this journey 10 years ago, and now with 5 children between us, we’ve learned a thing or two about family along the way. More than anything we have understood the absolute JOY of a good night’s sleep. The joy of all joys. Setting you up for the day and going a long way to helping you work out all of life’s wonderful complications.

We’re all about beautifully natural fragrances that help transport you to a place of peace, serenity and calm. We’ll even help with a frankincense-scented disco nap (if you can get away with it). Here’s a few tips to help you find your way around our products to help you sleep.

A good night's sleep for you...

As working parents, there’s a distinct lack of sleep in our lives. In searching for some sort of balance we clearly needed some tools to help us wind down in the evening so we created our very own sleep ritual with our unique sleep fragrance.  

We could bore you with tips about rationing screen-time before bed and no drinking caffeine beyond 3pm. We do this of course, but routine is key here. You put a routine in place for your baby in those early months, so why not do it for yourself? A warm shower, a relaxing bath, or simply taking three deep breaths of our frankincense, ylang ylang and lemongrass combo before bed all help set you up for the night.  

What was that heady combo you say? It’s our unique sleep fragrance. It’s got holistic, healing, soothing frankincense at the heart of it. But it’s not just frankincense on its own, it's balanced with top notes of lavender and lemongrass with chamomile and rose geranium through the middle. But holding it all together is our precious frankincense with its ritualistic heritage. So it was a no-brainer for us when it came to creating a fragrance to help with night-time routines. 

A good night's sleep for your little ones...

5 children = a LOT of terrible night’s sleep. Anxiety, waking up regularly, night terrors, mind-racing, scared, monsters under the bed… sound familiar?

We created our children’s pillow sprays out of a need to break our children’s negative mental cycle associated with bedtime. We knew they needed to think about bedtime in a much more positive way and found that having a tool for a positive bedtime routine works wonders.


For us, the most important thing is creating a positive space at bedtime. Let their imagination run wild. Monsters under the bed? No problem – a few spritzes of our pillow spray will help get rid of unwanted visitors. Or much like The BFG himself, you can quite literally spray happy dreams onto their pillow.

For babies, this really is all about a positive association with the heavenly fragrance.


Let them be in charge. No, really – being in control of their own routine is a big step for a child and can help reduce some of the anxiety around bedtime. Knowing they have their own Pillow Spray to hand gives them a remedy they can use there and then.


This one will take a little bit of amateur dramatics from you. We’re not saying go all out and start a pedicure right before bed, but fragrance does a really great job of helping your brain associate certain smells with bedtime. You could try telling them about the beautiful lavender, sweet orange and eucalyptus scent and how it will help them to sleep, just like a therapist does at a spa.