What do YOU want to see next from us?

What do YOU want to see next from us?

The beginning of a new year deserves a new focus on you.

We don't love the idea of 'New Year New You' - there is nothing wrong with the current you, but some focus on you and what you need wouldn't go amiss. So let's promise each other to revamp our self care routines, shake them up a bit, make a couple of changes if necessary, as it's truly amazing how great products can lift your mood, improve your self esteem and help you sleep better.

At B&B HQ we have got lots of new products in the works, but we want to hear from you regards what you'd like to see from us. What do you need in your skincare routine, what product are you missing, what skincare problem can we help solve? You already know we focus on results driven body care for maternity, active bodycare and menopause, so below are a few products we are planning and we want to see which is your absolute favourite.

Leave a comment below and let us know what you want to see us launch next...

Relaxing bath soak

Something for the bath? Candle lit, glass of wine at the ready,and some time to focus on YOU.

Detangling spray

You loved this product for your kids so how about a product for the whole family? Say goodbye to knots and hello deep condition.

Pedicure balm

We've already got your legs covered thanks to Legs Eleven and Spritzy Toes but what about something for those hard working feet. 

Performance body cream

Boost hydration, sculpt, contour and firm - is it a performance body cream you are looking for?


So tell us what do YOU want to see next?

Let us know by voting below and leave a comment to share any other thoughts - we want to hear from you 🙌



  • James

    Please move the detangling spray along. The old one was fantastic, allowed my autistic daughter to relax during brushing before bed. Desperately need a replacement!

  • Sally Anne Hill

    I agree with Lisa Nolan; I have not been able to take a bath for some years now; I have severe arthritis and cannot get up from a bath so only take showers.

  • Dymphie

    Would love to see a body cream with a firming and/toning aspect. Absolutely love your products!

  • Lisa Nolan

    Hi. I was wondering if you could do an energizing shower gel or a more morning one. I love the lavender scent in the shower gel but I’d fall asleep in the morning if I used it fist thing.

  • S H

    I am eagerly waiting for this. I love the detangling spray which I used on my children. Can’t wait for this new one so we can all use it.

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