Summer Holiday Must-Haves

Summer Holiday Must-Haves

The summer holidays are upon us. Wherever you're going, abroad or in the UK, we've got some summer holiday skincare must-haves for your luggage. These are our most favourite skincare products to take away on holiday.

If you're heading to somewhere very hot, these first two skincare products will help keep you cool in the heat...

Spraying Spritzy Toes on hot feet to cool down.

1. Spritzy Toes, Revitalising leg & foot spray

First up, your handbag essential is Spritzy Toes. This spray is great for travel as you can use it when your feet and legs need a little refresh. As it's a spray, you won't need to wash your hands after. Great if you're taking a trip to the nearby town, on the plane or in the car.

Our top tip, keep Spritzy Toes in the fridge. The delicious smelling lime oil and aloe vera leaf juice works wonders at cooling even at room temperature. But using it straight from the fridge or an ice bucket will be like air conditioning on your feet and legs.

Spritzy Toes Revitalising leg & foot spray, £24

Cooling legs down with Legs Eleven an extra cooling leg serum.

2. Legs Eleven, Cooling leg serum

If you can't get your feet into a cool refreshing pool, Legs Eleven is the next best thing. Smother your legs in this extra-cooling serum and say goodbye to hotdog legs and swollen ankles.

Recently featured on This Morning, The Independent and Hello Magazine, this is one of our heatwave skincare savours. This light-as-a-cloud formula features peppermint leaf oil to stimulate and aloe vera leaf juice to help moisturise.

Keeping Legs Eleven in an ice bucket or fridge will give you an even more intense cooling sensation. It feels amazing on legs that have seen the sunshine too.

Legs Eleven Cooling leg serum, £29

Soothing sun-kissed skin with Wonder Worker.

3. Wonder Worker, Multi-tasking balm

This is one of those skincare products which really is all in the name. This multi-tasking balm works wonders on sun-kissed skin. The soothing properties of shea butter, vitamin E and lavender essential oil work wonderfully when massaged into your skin. Lanolin is a winner here, which features oils so similar to our own, it absorbs deeply into skin and helps to heal.

The lovely thing with Wonder Worker is that it's 100% naturally derived, making it a firm favourite. Massage into hands, arms and anywhere that has caught the sun for a bit too long.

Wonder Worker Multi-tasking balm, £15


4. Lovely Jubbly, Bust firming gel

This lovely smooth gel is ideal to use after being in the sun and before you head out to dinner in the evening. It tones and firms your neck and décolletage area to make you look and feel your best.

Our hero ingredients really shine through in this including co-enzyme Q10, quince-hydrogel and angelica root oil. All combined into a luxurious gel for your chest and neck.

Lovely Jubbly Bust firming gel, £30

5. Scrubs Up Nicely, Polishing body cleanser

After a day sitting beside the pool, the best way to cool down before heading out for the evening is a nice cool shower. The natural sugar crystals helps to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, helping to make your skin look the its very best.

The scent has a summer vibe and one you'll want to enjoy all year long. It's fragranced with bergamot, cedarwood, patchouli and jasmine - a blend to invigorate the senses.

Scrubs Up Nicely Polishing body cleanser, £14

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