Body cleanser - which scent do you want next?

Body cleanser - which scent do you want next?

Let's be honest now, a good shower can be transformative. It just can.

It's a little slice of me-time where we wash away the day and prepare for a relaxing night or a fresh start. A wake up call or a wind down. So lets makes that experience even better. 

Lather Up is one of our best sellers and a firm favourite. The scent of mandarin, amber and ylang ylang is exactly what we need to wake up to.

We're now looking to develop a few more scents for our body cleanser to make showering even more personalised to you. From fresh and floral to exotic and woody scents, we want to hear which one you love.

Here are four of our initial scent concepts. Let us know your favourites in the comments below and you might just be buying it for yourself very soon.

Patchouli and cedarwood
Lemongrass and bergamot
Jasmine & Rose
Oud and amber

Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below. Any other scents we should consider? Let us know what you'd love to see...


  • Debs

    Lemongrass & bergamot

  • Kate

    Jasmine & Rose

  • Debbie

    Lemongrass and bergamot or Jasmine and rose

  • N M

    First choice Oud and Amber. In second place jointly – Jasmine and Rose/Orange. Samples of all would be great. They all sound scrumptious ;-)

  • Kerry

    Floral 💐

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