Now in-store at Marks and Spencer

Now in-store at Marks and Spencer

We've got big news... we are thrilled to announce that we have officially landed in-store at Marks and Spencer. You can now get your favourite pregnancy, body care, menopause and wellness products and gifts whilst you're shopping for that perfect outfit or the most exceptional dark chocolate florentines (our fav in the office)

Our full range of products are available at selected stores, so look out for our display in your nearest beauty department. So whether you just need a new hand cream, stretch mark product, the perfect gift or a top-up of our iconic lip balm, you'll find exactly what you need on shelf.

@bloomandblossom Allow us to indulge in the triumph and joy that is launching in M&S stores nationwide. Yes the iconic, leading British multinational retailer. Pick up your favourite body care and wellness whilst shopping for the perfect new outfit. 🙌 #smallbusiness #smallbiz #smallbusinessowner ♬ Dance You Outta My Head - Cat Janice


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    • Karen

      What stores? I assume won’t be Inverness

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