NEW Scrubs Up Nicely - Polishing body cleanser

NEW Scrubs Up Nicely - Polishing body cleanser

SCRUBS UP NICELY - the body wash with benefits and the queen of multi-tasking has landed.

Anyone else notice their dull, dry and sunshine starved skin as they jump into the shower every day? May we introduce our new 99% naturally derived foaming AND exfoliating body cleanser that uses physical (sugar crystals) and acid (salicylic) exfoliants to slough off those dead skin cells. It is also packed with shea butter and monoi oil which means in no time at all you will be saying hello to buffed, moisturised and glowing skin.

No one likes a show-off but it also smells like a spa in a jar (well a tube) - cedarwood, bergamot, jasmine & patchouli.

Silky smooth radiant skin - yes please ✋

Polishing body cleanser with natural sugar crystals to exfoliate and salicylic acid to remove impurities.

Scrubs Up Nicely starts off like a scrub. Gently rub this into areas of skin that require a little TLC to gently buff away dead skin cells with the natural sugar crystals. Now move onto the magic part, add a little bit of water and it naturally foams, turning into a body wash. The salicylic acid helps remove impurities to improve skin texture. Then just wash away - leaving your skin smooth and glowing.

Starts as a scrub then slowly turns into a foaming body wash

Buy now - Scrubs Up Nicely, Polishing body cleanser, £14

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