Keep your cool: Summer legs and feet must-haves

Keep your cool: Summer legs and feet must-haves

With the heat of the summer sun just around the corner, keeping your cool is absolutely vital. Whether you're on the tube en route to work, out and about with friends or relaxing in the garden at home. Nobody likes the feeling of hot feet and legs.

To help ease that uncomfortable hot feeling, our two leg products are a must-have to keep your cool this summer. Both were featured on ITV's This Morning this week in their favourite products to get your feet summer ready.

Legs Eleven sitting beside sunglasses and flip flops. The ideal cooling leg serum for sunny days on the beach.

Legs Eleven - Cooling leg serum

This light-as-a-cloud serum will brighten and revitalise your tired legs. Say goodbye to your swollen ankles thanks to the stimulating peppermint leaf oil. As soon as this is applied you can feel the refreshingly cool tingling sensation. An amazing way to cool your legs down on a hot summers day.

Our key ingredients really work their magic in this cooling leg serum. Aloe vera leaf juice is full of vitamins and antioxidants that are great for your skin. This will help revitalise your tired legs.

The first scent you'll notice is our Peppermint leaf oil. This fresh and zesty scent not only smells incredible, it can brighten your skin and gives you a hit of this delicious scent.

Lastly, Algin which is derived from seaweed, is another one of our hero ingredients. It's rich in polysaccharides which is responsible for the skin's natural ability to hydrate and retain water. Critical for skin repair and renewal. This helps the serum effortlessly soak into your skin.

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Spritzy Toes beside flip flops and an ice cold drink. This cooling leg spray is perfect for summer heatwaves.

Spritzy Toes - Revitalising leg & foot spray

Whether you're on the move or relaxing on a sun lounger, Spritzy Toes will instantly relieve and revitalise tired legs. You can get it in our normal size and a small travel sized option - it's 40ml so ideal for your cabin bag when jetting off on holiday.

A few spritzes is all that's needed straight onto your feet and legs. It will help alleviate water retention and refresh tired legs and feet. You can also spray this over tights to refresh legs whilst on the move.

Aloe vera leaf juice is one of our hero products. Full of vitamins and antioxidants to energise fatigued, heavy legs.

The one ingredient you'll notice right away from the scent is lime oil. This refreshingly zesty scent not only smells amazing, but it can help purify skin and stimulate circulation.

Pentylene glycol is a magical ingredient that instantly conditions skin. This helps to leave it touchably soft. You'll want to keep feeling your legs after this!

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These are our two favourite leg and feet products for summer. They're a must-have! For an extra-cooling effect, keep them in the fridge. Great for warm uncomfortable nights and cooling the skin after being in the sunshine.

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