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Woman wearing a denim jacket with a baby bump smiling excitably at the camera.

Feeling swell? If you’re pregnant, your answer might well be, “You have no idea!” But we really do. Bloom and Blossom is all about YOU - all lifestyles, all life stages and all bodies. And we are still very much connected to our baby mama roots. Between the Bloom and Blossom founders alone, we have five baby case studies (although not so tiny now!) and we know exactly how it feels when your body is going through that crazy, miraculous pregnancy journey.

There is no other time in your life when your body goes through the same level of change and strain. That’s why we’ve used our expert knowledge to create two new indulgent, safe and nurturing maternity products to boost your mood, soothe and smooth your skin and give you a well-deserved moment of self-care and connection with your baby.

Introducing our new arrival to boost your mood, and soothe and smooth your skin. Discover our brand new pregnancy body care must-have product below.

Bottle of Stretch Mark Cream to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Smooth Moves Stretch mark oil, 150ml

Our first new arrival is Smooth Moves, an ultra-luxurious, 100% naturally derived and heavenly scented stretch mark oil. This body oil is packed with clever ingredients that will make you feel like two humans in one skin is a-ok (for at least 7 months or so at least…). All the ingredients we’ve chosen are completely safe for all stages of pregnancy and more sensitive skin and we’re so excited about how great they make growing bumps feel.

We’ve blended Argan Oil for boosting skin’s elasticity and improving skin tone and texture, Sweet Almond Oil for ultimate hydration, Apricot Kernel Oil for the antioxidants, Omega 6, essential fatty acids and all that good stuff and a generous dose of magical Evening primrose oil, which reduces inflammation and helps to soothe itchy skin, while improving texture and elasticity. This oil glides across the skin, sinking in like a dream, giving an instant sense of comfort. Fab for easing skin that is feeling the stretch and for giving you a moment to connect with your growing bump.


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