International Women's Day: An interview with the founders

International Women's Day: An interview with the founders

Today, in celebration of International Women's Day, we get to do something a little extra special: chat with the amazing women that built our brand from the ground up - our founders Julia and Christina.

From the very start of Bloom and Blossom to the present day, every success is worth celebrating. So now it was time to find out exactly how the brand started, their best advice and who they look up to...

What is the story behind Bloom and Blossom, and what three words would you use to describe your brand?

"We set up Bloom and Blossom as a true family business. Being sisters in law and living our wonderfully hectic, loud and chaotic lives with five children between us, we wanted to channel that energy into a hard-working range of results-driven body care and wellness products for all life stages and ages.

Launching with a maternity range our brand has followed us and our needs as women and has expanded to now also include performance active body care and a menopause range - our aim to help us, and you, look good and feel great at every life stage. It always been about body positivity, products for all ages and all life stages and how these products make you feel.

It’s amazing how great products can lift your mood, improve your self esteem and help you sleep better."

Bloom and Blossom founders on a bridge.

What top tip (beauty related, or not) would you give to your younger self?

Julia: "Factor 50 suncream on your face, neck and decolletage."

How will you be celebrating International Women’s Day this year? 

Christina: "We are going to be celebrating and shouting about all those other incredible female founders – sharing their good work and their incredible brands with our community and telling the next generation that it can be done."

Bloom and Blossom founders walking in the rain with an umbrella

Who is your female role model?

Julia: "Iris Apfel, the American businesswoman, interior designer, fashion icon and actress. She is 102 years old and was one of the first women to wear jeans at a time only men were wearing them - need I say anymore."

How do you make time for self-care as a busy mum to young children?

Julia: "It’s a busy household, it’s a busy day, it’s a busy week – there is no denying that spare time is somewhat scarce, but I always remind myself that whatever I am doing in the day I need to be present, particularly the small things. Enjoying that cup of tea, that dog walk, that run – that is my time – look up, take it in, be present."

What is one easy wellness tip people can introduce into their days?

Christina: "Buy an alarm clock to enable you to leave your phone downstairs at night and then the urge to doom scroll before bed is removed, giving you that extra time to sleep. You will thank me for that tip I promise you."

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