Guide to Pillow Spray: Everything You Need to Know

Guide to Pillow Spray: Everything You Need to Know

In this blog post, we will answer all of your burning questions about pillow spray, from what it is to how it works. We'll also share some of our statistics from a recent survey on our All Night Long Calming sleep spray. Be prepared for us to show off a little, as the results are incredible.

So, whether you're new to using a pillow spray or you're looking for more information, read on for everything you need to know.

What is pillow spray?

A pillow spray is a fragranced spray you spritz across your pillow and bedding that can help you relax and drift off to sleep. Pillow mists can and should be used every night to engage your senses by triggering responses in the brain that induce a more relaxed or calm state, it is like a reminder that it is time to go to bed and as such can also be very useful if you travel (does everyone sleep better in their own bed?) as the scent can remind you of home.

Unlike other pillow sprays, lavender is not the predominant scent in All Night Long. Our award-winning signature scent is relaxing blend of frankincense, linden blossom and rose flower water that creates a soothing and ritualistic scent to help achieve deep restorative sleep.

Person holding a bottle of pillow spray and spraying over the pillow

How does pillow spray work?

The scent of a pillow spray works by stimulating your olfactory system, which is the part of your brain responsible for smell. By using a well-known relaxing scents, it can help you relax and promote a better sleep.

By using a pillow spray regularly before bed, your brain puts the scent alongside sleeping and resting. This is exactly how we associate certain scents with life experiences.

What are the benefits of pillow spray?

There are many benefits to using a pillow spray. According to our recent product tester survey, these are the top benefits after using our All Night Long calming sleep spray: 

  • Increased relaxation - 91% agreed
  • Improved sleep quality - 91% agreed
  • Fall asleep faster - 82% agreed
  • Feeling less tired the next morning - 82% agreed

How do I use pillow spray?

Pillow spray is quick and easy to use. Simply spray it on your pillow and bedding before bed and enjoy the relaxing benefits.

White beside table with a bottle of Bloom and Blossom's All Night Long Calming sleep spray.

Extra statistics from our survey

  • 97% of our testers previously had issues falling or staying asleep before using the pillow spray, with 91% of those sleeping better after using
  • 88% felt more refreshed waking up the next morning
  • 58% preferred spraying the pillow spray on bedding and pillows vs 23% just on the pillow and 14% just on bedlinen
  • 97% of testers would recommend All Night Long Calming sleep spray to a friend and would give this as a gift

Tester reviews from our survey

"I've been trying the product for 2 weeks now and can see better results. I am more relaxed and fresh in the morning. I do not wake up in the middle of night. Also, the best part is I now fall asleep within 5 -10 minutes. Due to better sleep, my productivity has increased."

"I have been using it over the stressful Christmas period. It definitely helped me to relax and calm my mind for some very much needed sleep."

"Honestly so amazed by this product, I was so dubious because I really struggle dropping off. But it worked amazingly. Blown away by this product."

"I'm not keen on lavender scented sleep spray and although this does have some in it, it's not the over riding smell. Instead it reminds me of the scent of a relaxing spa. Really did make me feel tranquil and calm."

All Night Long Calming sleep spray

Ready to experience our signature relaxing scent of All Night Long Calming sleep spray?

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*results based on a product study carried out on 34 respondents in December 2022.

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