Blue bag with performance body oil, dry body oil, pillow spray, multi-tasking balm and a shower mitt.
COMFORT & JOY _ Pure indulgence gift set
COMFORT & JOY _ Pure indulgence gift set
COMFORT & JOY _ Pure indulgence gift set
Blue bag with blush coloured squiggle and illustration. Bag made from 2.5 recycled plastic bottles.

Pure indulgence gift set

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It’s your time to shine. This gift set is all about looking after number one.

Gently buff your skin using our shower mitt with AND BREATHE. Now you’re really starting to relax. Then massage YOU GLOW GIRL everywhere – all those beautiful lumps and bumps (if you’re short on time, we’ve timed it and we can massage our whole body in under 2 minutes). WONDER WORKER is your secret weapon for dry skin – take your time to work it into any problem areas.

Finally, a spritz of ALL NIGHT LONG and you’ll be refreshed and ready for a new day tomorrow.

This indulgence gift set is worth £90! 

Made in the UK, Cruelty free and Naturally derived.

Included in this set

Inside this pure indulgence gift set you'll find:

YOU GLOW GIRL Performance body oil, 150ml

AND BREATHE Relaxing shower oil, 100ml

WONDER WORKER Multi-tasking balm, 50ml

ALL NIGHT LONG Calming sleep spray, 40ml



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