Mother and Baby Gift set including a book and moisturiser for the baby, multi-tasking balm and calming sleep spray for mum.
Squeezing out Multi-tasking balm onto dry knees to help nourish and moisturise.
Person spraying Calming Sleep Spray onto pillow to help with a restful sleep.
Mother moisturising Baby Moisturiser into baby's skin.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Calm book.

Mother and Baby Gift Set

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What present do you buy a new mum - trust us, the gift of calm for both mummy AND baby – that is literally the best baby shower gift ever.

Once calm is restored and your little one is tucked up in bed with the help of our gently scented and nourishing baby moisturiser and a lovely read of our Calm book with a favourite caterpillar, it’s time to focus on mum.

She has never needed that moment of serenity more than now, that time to allow her mind to detox and find a moment of calm. So let our performance body products be the cocooning skin treatment the body and mind deserve.

Calm at last…

This mother and baby gift set is worth £48!

Included in this set

This mother and baby gift set includes the following...

ALL NIGHT LONG Calming sleep spray, 75ml

WONDER WORKER Multi-tasking balm, 50ml

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Baby Moisturiser, 200ml

Calm with The Very Hungry Caterpillar Book

Our reusable canvas draw-string bag

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