We’ve teamed up with Grace and Green, a sustainable femininehygiene brand to bring you our Wonder Woman wellness package worth over £60. Three lucky winners will receive a 3 month supply of Grace and Green products* as well as our very own Wonder Worker and Lip Service for the ultimate pick-me-up you need at that time of the month.


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About Grace and Green

Grace and Green craft premium quality period products whichhave been intelligently ngineered and developed for the discerningmodern woman, a woman who cares about her health, the environment, of socialvalue and the importance of provenance and origin. Theirproducts are plastic free, biodegradable, certified organic, as well asnon-toxic and cruelty-free company. Their mission is to provideluxury and environmentally friendly period care that is less harmfulfor women and our planet and we couldn’t be more delighted to bepartnering with them for this giveaway.

*Products of your choice to the value of £30