Blue gift set bag with pillow spray, multi-tasking balm and silk eye mask.
Spraying a relaxing pillow spray onto bedding to help with sleep.
Squeezing a tube of multi-tasking balm onto a knee.
Blue bag with blush coloured squiggle and illustration. Bag made from 2.5 recycled plastic bottles.

Relaxing gift set

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Throw a slumber party for one. It’s time for some self-care. WONDER WORKER is our true skincare multi-tasker. We recommend using it as your overnight nourishing hand and foot treatment. Massage into dry skin on your hands and feet (did we mention it’s great on lips too…?) before spritzing ALL NIGHT LONG over your pillow. Eye mask on and it’s lights out.

Your body and soul heroes.

This gift set is worth £48!

Made in the UK, Cruelty free and Naturally derived.

Included in this set

This relaxing gift set includes the following:

WONDER WORKER Multi-tasking balm, 50ml

ALL NIGHT LONG Calming sleep spray, 75ml



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