Bundle of Matilda's best-selling skincare inside a drawstring canvas bag.
Matilda's hair & body wash, Matilda's bubble bath and Matilda's magical pillow spray.
Matilda's bubble bath for a bath full of bubbles before bedtime.
Ready for bed after spraying Matilda's pillow spray.

Bedtime bundle

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Get your little one ready for bed with Matilda's Bedtime bundle. This features some of our best-selling children's skincare to help your little one drift off to a relaxing sleep.

Start to unwind with Matilda's Bubble bath, with a relaxing scent of sweet orange and lavender. The supersize bottle of Matilda's Hair & body wash is the perfect addition to use alongside the bubble bath.

Finish with our best-selling Matilda's Magical pillow spray. All that's needed is a few spritzes of the pillow spray over bedding, leaving the soothing scent of sweet orange and lavender. With a 4.7 star rating, this is one of our most popular pillow sprays for children.

Made in the UK, Cruelty free, Naturally derived.

Included in this set

This children's bedtime gift set includes...

Matilda's Magical pillow spray, 75ml

Matilda's Supersize hair & body wash, 500ml

Matilda's Bubble bath, 200ml

Packed inside a reusable draw-string canvas bag

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