• Stories from you - Natalie, Adam and baby George
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Stories from you - Natalie, Adam and baby George

Hearing stories about how families are using our products is always the absolute highlight of our week. We’ve had so much love for our Very Hungry Caterpillar range recently and we thought it would be great to share some of those incredible stories with you all.

First up, it’s Natalie, Adam and baby George (4 months old).

We’d love to hear all about your bedtime routine too, so please share with us on our social channels 😊

Baby in the bath with yellow rubber ducks

Bath time

"Bath time is the highlight of my husband Adam's day, it's a role he takes very seriously and it’s ultimate father, son bonding time. It’s quite the event! There are rubber ducks, some kind of 80s music playing and Adam singing along whilst George kicks and splashes around! He washes George using the Very Hungry Caterpillar Hair and Body Wash, which is perfect for my son’s delicate skin.

Then when it’s time to get George out, the music stops but the singing continues as George is towel-dried and Adam completes a lovely massage on him using the Moisturiser - a product that has become to be an essential after every bath!"

Parents reading a book to their baby

Book time

"Once George is in his pyjamas and smelling absolutely delicious, I usually come back on the scene to read him a story. On some occasions, Adam stays and the two of us read stories or Spike Milligan poems to George."

Baby falling asleep in cot


"I spritz George’s bed with the pillow spray about 30 minutes before he’s due to be put in there, so after we’ve finished reading, I feed George and we have some cuddles, some gentle rocking and sshh-ing, then we lay him down in his bed, just as he’s drifting off.

He tends to stir every 2-3 hours at the moment, he’s almost 4 months old, so we’re not expecting him to go through the night just yet. My husband is a deep sleeper so I’m hoping George inherits this skill!

Whenever George wakes, it’s a world away from how he was a good few weeks ago! Now, he just fidgets and moans until he’s fed (this he inherited from me!). But putting him down in between night feeds and during the day has become so much easier, he goes back to his bed calm and happy, leaving me to get some much-needed rest."

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  • Babybaby sleepCase StudyVery Hungry Caterpillar

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