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My Love Affair With Glastonbury - Jay Squier

  Glastonbury Festival Jay Squier Bloom and Blossom Glastonbury Festival Bloom and Blossom Jay Squier

With the summer festival season upon us, we've been discussing our own experiences at Bloom and Blossom HQ. None were more so relevant than our PR extraordinaire Jay Squier who discovered her love of festivals later in life.

My love affair with music started a young age. My parents loved music and loved many different genres. My mother was obsessed with Elvis, Diana Ross and The Beatles, my father with Otis Redding, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. One of my earliest memories is of my father rapping Sugarhill Gang to me – even now when I hear ‘I said a hip hop’ it transports me back to being an eight year old. Music is magical. So it comes as no surprise that I met my husband at the Ministry of Sound and we got married in Ibiza.

 My love affair with festivals however was a rather late one. When I say festivals, I really mean Glastonbury. I’d heard a lot about Glastonbury obviously but as much as I loved music I couldn’t see myself ever getting there. I simply was not brave enough.

 However, a few years ago I was celebrating a big birthday. I decided to tick something off the bucket list. I had never camped or slept in a tent before (OK so the parents had excellent taste in music, but not so adventurous when it came to family holidays). But it was one of good friends fortieth, they were all Glastonbury veterans and they promised they would look after me.

    Jay Squier Glastonbury Festival  Jay Squier Glastonbury Festival

And so it began. My husband and I managed to get tickets. We asked our parents and parents-in-law if they could look after the children for three nights. We told them the reason why and their faces were a picture. ‘What? You are going to Glastonbury at this age?‘ my father said. ‘Dad the Rolling Stones are headlining, Nile Rogers and Chic are playing. You got me into this music’. But in the back of my mind the fear set in. Were my parents right? What if it rains? What of the famous portaloos everyone complains about? What if my phone dies and I lose Jasper? Oh and what to wear so I can look as effortless and stylish as Kate Moss?

 Of course we went and we had the time of our lives. The sun shone for us and as a large crowd of us danced to Norman Jay MBE, I spritzed them with facial spritz, and offered them SPF. Even the loos didn’t matter.

 Glastonbury Festival Jay Squier Bloom and Blossom

The euphoria of Glastonbury is addictive. I’ve since been with and without the husband, and we even celebrated our ten year anniversary at rainy Glastonbury seeing our favourite Adele. The magic of Glastonbury is that one minute you are holding one another welling up to ‘Make you Feel My Love’ and hours later dancing to house music in a container waving your hands in the air. There is something for everyone.

 It would only be right of us that we produced two music loving kids which means the kitchen is usually our dancefloor. Our love of Glastonbury poses a big question in our family though. Our most often asked question is ‘Mummy and Daddy, when are we going to Glastonbury?’. I genuinely don’t know how to answer this and it’s not one I can ask Oscar and Esme’s faithful clever friend Google either.  Yes I’ve seen the mothers carry their children on their backs looking cool and fabulous. There was even a new born baby in a pram when the husband and I were singing the soundtrack to my youth with Chic.

Glastonbury Festival Jay squier 

My husband’s take on it is that kids and festivals don’t mix. I, on the other hand am a little torn. Do we take them at thirteen? Would they want to go alone at sixteen? Should I have taken them this year to see Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran who they are completely obsessed with? Luckily, the stars have aligned and this year I am not forced to have to make this decision. I am attending a wedding in Provence and can’t go. The mother guilt would have been too much to bear.

So now we have promised them that when mummy and daddy return from the wedding we will watch Katy or Ed’s sets and stay up a little later. After that it will be bedtime, a little spray of ‘Baby Sleep’ for them and ‘Sleep’ for us, and sweet dreams of Glastonbury for all.

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