• MOTHER'S DAY - what does it mean to you
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MOTHER'S DAY - what does it mean to you

1. What does your perfect Mother's Day look like?

CHRISTINA - My perfect Mother's Day starts and ends with SLEEP! Juggling a business with a young family often means early starts and late finishes in order to fit everything in. More often than not that golden “8 hours” is literally just a dream, so my perfect Mother’s Day would involve a well deserved catch up on some ZZZZZs. Breakfast in bed is always a winner, my 2 year old and 4 year old little girls love coming into our bed, especially on special occasions and they will no doubt have been a great “help” in the kitchen. I expect we will all be in our pjs well into the afternoon, then head out for a country walk (it will of course be a glorious day) finishing up at our local country pub. We will call in to see my mum on the way home, then my husband will single handily, and without prompting, do bath and bed for both kids (who have been little angels all day, obvs). My perfect Mother’s Day evening comprises a long soak in the bath with our SLEEP bath oil, a bucket of red wine and Greys Anatomy on series link.

I hope you are reading this Gareth!


2. Any gifts you’ve got your eye on?

CHRISTINA - Liberty's Little Marlborough tote bag has been on my list for a while… And anything from Molly Gunn’s Selfish Mother collection.


3. How has the meaning of Mother’s Day changed for you since becoming a mum?

JULIA - I can put my hand up and claim that this is the hardest, yet most rewarding job in the world. I basically had no idea until I became a mummy just quite what my dear mummy had to do. Her role in our family has made me the person and mother that I am today. I wouldn’t change a dot, but I now truly understand why every day should be Mother’s Day. I don’t need gifts but that homemade card, pasta on string necklace, fuzzy felt picture or slightly cold slice of toast (aka breakfast in bed) will mean a lot to me this Mother’s Day. These are the memories you hold on to. They are the treats that actually mean something and those moments you will never forget. I realise I am very blessed to have my family and we must all take a moment to remember what an important role a mother has and that she is a hero everyday. One thing I have realised is that every mum is awesome.


4. Do you have any Mother's Day traditions?

JULIA - We are starting new traditions as my family dynamic changed recently with the loss of my parents. So we will be starting new traditions, creating new memories and enjoying life to the full. All I ask is that at some point over the Mother’s Day weekend I am given a lie in. I would pay good money for that so don’t buy me flowers – buy me a Night-time Pillow Spray and some ear plugs.


In summary - we know we are truly blessed to be parents and pleased there is a date in the calendar to celebrate this incredible role. A day shouldnt go by when we are not thanked or thankful for our role in our family. Keep making memories and remember (and in the words of the incredible team at The Step Up Club) - always remind yourself 'WHY BEING A MUM MAKES ME AWESOME' - and that is for another post.


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