• LIFE OF RILEY? By Jakki Doodles
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LIFE OF RILEY? By Jakki Doodles

LIFE OF RILEY? By Jakki Doodles

Having two step daughters, who are now 10 and 12, I definitely felt like I had good parental experience going into my first pregnancy, I was definitely more armed compared to my friends who were going into parenthood without any previous experience. That aside however, I never how it truly felt to become a Mum until I had my baby girl, Riley! 

When I found out I was pregnant I felt extremely excited, yet scared. I initially worried about what I was going to do about work. Having carved out a successful career in TV and PR, I was reluctant to give it all up. I wondered if I be a good mum? I certainly wasn’t an earth mother…and panicked if I could be any good. I’ve always had pretty high standards on myself and doing a good job. I worried that I could fail.

My pregnancy was (thankfully) a lovely pregnancy. I didn’t have any sickness and actually felt good. I was definitely healthier in that nine months than I’d been in a long while. Consciously eating well and not boozing bar the odd glass here and there.

 When Riley entered the world in March 2016 – My life changed forever, and the year off with her was definitely the best year I’ve ever had. I loved every minute of my maternity leave – and being a mum! 

I returned to work just over a week ago. I had mixed feelings about going back…not that I didn’t want to return – far from it – I love my job and would never want to give it up. I just underestimated how I would feel about actually leaving Riley.

Going from being with her every second of the day – to leaving her most of the week was an odd thing to get my head round. I left for work that first day back and cried all the way into work on the district line (hiding behind my shades). But as soon as I got off the tube and walked over Blackfriars Bridge, with nothing in my hands bar a flat white,  I felt strangely empowered. It only took a day or two to not feel like the new girl again, and then about a week to feel like I hadn’t been away at all. Knowing that Riley was in safe hands and happy also made things slightly more easier to adjust.

Now, as I say a month in – I can safely say that I am loving the balance of being a working mother. I have struck a really nice balance with fours days at work and Fridays off. So my day off and weekend are now treasured more than ever, and every minute of my working day is head down, full steam ahead.

Being a mother doesn’t mean you can’t do things you did before, you just have to be a bit more organised in going about things … and when do you do get everything done, it’s 100% more rewarding.

Life of Riley……. x

Jakki is Director of Talent and Influencer Relations at PMK PNC
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