• Bedtime in the Moss household is just real family life - our bath to bed routine
Bedtime in the Moss household is just real family life - our bath to bed routine

Bath and bedtime in the Moss household is just real family life. On a glass half full kind of day I’d say its “fun”, on a less than average day I’d call it “chaotic” at best…

One thing it always is, is consistent. Since they’ve been young babies we have religiously followed a bath and bedtime routine. In the early days I didn’t want to stray off this righteous path in case it jinxed them actually sleeping, nowadays its just part of the day, ingrained into the fabric of daily family life as much as brushing teeth and eating breakfast.

Bath and bedtime starts around 6.30pm, which coincides with me getting home from work. We tend to be quite strict with screen time on school nights, so by 6.30pm any devices will have been put away and the girls are ready to go up for their bath.

Whilst this is the first step of the bedtime routine for us, bath time is fun time for my kids. When they were younger bath time was calm time, followed baby massage and lights out, but now my kids are older (3 and nearly 6) the bathtub is an extension of the playroom. I have witnessed many a game of mummies and daddies or flavour fairies seamlessly flow from downstairs to upstairs and into the bath without as much as a character change.

It’s also a precious time for my girls to catch up. They are currently in different school settings and often bath and bedtime is the first opportunity of the day for them to properly reconnect. It also gives me a welcome chance to sit down and take a breath (read perch on the toilet seat with a glass of wine…)

Once they are out of the bath, the wind down starts in earnest and calm time begins. Books are instrumental in this change of pace. We spend a considerable amount of time choosing which books to read; usually a joint book read together, followed by one book each read individually once tucked up in bed.

Bedtime reading with my kids is without doubt my favourite time of the day. Snuggled up together, enjoying the same activity, discussing the story, the pictures, the characters. Its also the perfect opportunity to have some quiet time with each of my daughters to catch up on their day, what made them happy today and what tomorrow looks like.

The final ritual in our bedtime routine is a generous spritz of Bloom and Blossom pillow spray for happy dreams (a spray on each corner of the pillow, on their hair, on teddy’s hair…). Then its lights out and ready for those happy dreams.

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