• Bath time in the Yule household - getting 3 children through bath, book and bedtime
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    Julia Yule
Bath time in the Yule household - getting 3 children through bath, book and bedtime

Bath time in the Yule household is, how do I put this, chaotic. But on that opener please introduce me to a family whose bath time is not chaotic……. Yes, exactly.

Getting my 3 upstairs and in that bath is most definitely fun and games. We have the clothes monster that shows its face occasionally (cue screaming children running in to bedrooms to escape such a monster aka daddy) and then we have the slightly, ever so slightly, calmer evenings when mummy just repeats herself ‘clothes in the laundry and in the bath please’, ‘clothes off and get in the bath’, ‘get in the bath’ and finally ‘bath!’.

I have my 8 year old son Baxter, 5 year old daughter Clemence and 2 year old Elodie who all squeeze into the same bath (don’t think this will last much longer as my 8 year olds legs are growing by the minute.) and once I get them in the bath the mood does change. In light of what I do for a living my children are aware of bubble baths and shampoos and we will sometimes have a discussion about the bubble to water ratio in the bath or how big a ‘bubble beard’ we can make  - it is this level of high brow debate in our house at every moment of the day I would like to assure you!

Baxter loves to hear what products are in the pipeline, gives me product ideas and suggestions and has been instrumental in the development of our new range. He talks confidently about bedtime and he knows the importance of getting a good night’s sleep so once the three of them are washed, we are then straight in to pyjamas, teeth cleaning and in to bed.

My daughters share a bedroom so I sit with them in bed and read about 3 books each night and it is without a doubt my most favourite part of the day. Their bedtime really is my switch off as well, it is my time for cuddles and extra kisses with them, to chat about their day and to use that reading opportunity to wind everything down. The pace of the evening shifts dramatically once we are in pyjamas, the girls love to get cosy and under the covers and they really do enjoy this time spent together before bed. While I am in with my girls Baxter is happily reading in his room, so I know I can spend a good amount of time with them, no rushing, and at a gentle pace (children somehow know when you are rushing them – how is that?)


When we are finished we turn on our night lights and they jump in to bed. Now there is just one final ritual that has never been missed in our house, not one night has passed without a spritz of our pillow spray – ‘mummy it gives me happy dreams’ so with a couple of spritzes on the pillow (and an extra spritz in Clemence’s hair – apparently this makes all the difference), the end of the day has arrived for them. Final kisses and cuddles and any further chats are had in the dark of the bedroom, in a whispered tone, and their night-time begins.


Once I come through to Baxter he is engrossed in his book and we love to read together and I will continue to do this until he is so big that I wont fit in the bed with him but for now we read a chapter out loud snuggled under the duvet.  We then have a little chat about his day, his week, weekend plans and any thoughts, concerns or excitement is discussed at this point of the day – it is our quiet time, our regroup and we always finish our chat with what we want to dream about that night. Sleep well, dream big isn’t a phrase we made up for our range as it sounded good, it is exactly what we practise at home. ‘Extra pillow spray tonight mummy – for really happy dreams’ is a phrase I hear frequently in our house and to have my children go to bed with such positive thoughts and affirmations literally makes me such a happy parent – what more could I ask for.



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    Julia Yule

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