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Back To School Routine for Parents

Back to School Tips

The start of term is almost upon us. The summer holidays can mean late nights, lazy mornings, and different routines. Now the end of the holidays is in sight it is the perfect time to start a slow but consistent return to routine (and you know how much we love a routine at Bloom and Blossom!) for when your children go back to school.

The start of the first term is an exciting, but sometimes daunting time, especially for school starters. We got the low-down from school-readiness expert, Christina Lydon and here are her top tips for the start of a new school term.

Having the right amount of restful sleep is vital for supporting emotional wellbeing and particularly helpful when managing the transition to school. Sleep and how to manage tiredness are themes that ALWAYS come up as concerns for parents in our school readiness sessions.

Rubber ducks on side of bath

Bloom and Blossom's new Roald Dahl range works to support the concept of 'bath, book and bedtime'. This creates a reliable structure to support a positive sleep routine. A bath at the end of the day is a relaxing and calming activity, but did you know that scientifically speaking, as the body cools down after a bath this helps to promote sleep? The body relaxes and having quiet screen-free activities such as reading a book are great ways to create a consistent routine to help your child prepare for bed and restorative sleep.

There are SO many new things to take in when starting school: new rooms, new faces, teachers and new structures. You might find that you start your bedtime earlier than usual!

Bloom and Blossom’s gorgeous Roald Dahl gift set includes bubble bath, special edition ‘BFG’ or ‘Matilda’ books and a blissful pillow spray that can be spritzed on to pillows to create a calming smell around your child. It’s a super start-of-term gift for school starters and older children alike.

Boy spraying BFG Dream Catcher's Pillow Spray on Pillow

My top three tips to support your child’s transition to school

  1. Listen and acknowledge their feelings. Every child is different; your little one might be super excited to start school or perhaps a little bit unsure. We all feel nervous about starting a new job or meeting new people, so it’s all perfectly normal!
  2. Support your child's hygiene independence. This is a key skill for starting school. Make sure your child can use the toilet themselves, flush the loo, and, most importantly, make sure that they can wash their own hands. We love Bloom and Blossom's current Roald Dahl hand washes, which bring lots of fun to the process with their brilliant illustrations from the books. There are four in the collection, and ‘The Twits’ is our family’s current favourite. There is a race in our house now to wash hands before a meal – unheard of!
  3. Be consistent, supportive, calm and confident. You give the most important cues to your child, and being consistent, supportive, calm and confident (even if inside you're sobbing at that first school gate goodbye!) will make a massive difference to your child's transition to school. A smiling, positive goodbye and a big welcome back at pick up will make a huge difference!

Thank you to Christina Lydon for sharing her top back to school routine tips. We hope these tips will help you and your children get back into the school routine.

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