• 6 Tips To Help You Get Your Baby In A Good Sleep Pattern
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6 Tips To Help You Get Your Baby In A Good Sleep Pattern



By: Maryanne Taylor, Founder and Sleep Consultant, The Sleep Works

One of the first questions a new parent gets asked is if the baby is a ‘good or bad sleeper’. Whilst we can’t order a good sleeper in advance, there is lots we can do to encourage good sleep habits from an early age.

Here are a few of my top tips to help you get your baby in a good sleep pattern.

1. Timing

Make bedtime around the same time each day to regulate your baby’s body clock.

2. The Lead Up

Introduce a soothing, calm and consistent lead up to bedtime from around 6-8 weeks to help your baby wind down from the day and ease the transition to nighttime sleep. A warm bath is a good starting point to a bedtime routine and continue the rest of the bedtime in the room your baby will be sleeping in to avoid them getting overstimulated. I highly recommend the Baby Sleep Bedtime Routine Set by Bloom and Blossom. 

3. Security Object

Encourage a connection with a comforter or security object with mum’s smell which can help your child feel safe and secure at night.

4. Overtired

Try to avoid your baby becoming overtired (awake time during the day of between 1- 1 ½ hours is average for a baby of up to 3-4 months). 

5. Nap Time

From around 5 months, try to have your baby take at least one nap at home as they are likely to sleep more soundly in the familiar and quiet environment of their cot.

6. Sleep

‘Sleep breeds sleep’, so contrary to what one might think, a baby who fills their sleep tank during the day will sleep better at night.

And remember that each child and each family are different, and what works for one child, may not necessarily work for another. There is no one solution which fits everyone. Trust your instinct as a parent and if, what you are doing feels right for your child and yourself then don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Maryanne Taylor  Xxx

P.S. If you're looking for more sleep advice, head over to The Sleep Works official website here: thesleepworks.co.uk 

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